Friday, 20 March 2009

Stop Press - Another government failure

.Reports today that Northern Rock continued to lend their risky mortgages after Gordon Brown bought it on our behalf.

He installed the non-dom Sandler as the new boss and stood back and ignored the lending practices that got the Rock into this mess.

It really does wind me up that our government cannot sort out mess. They just nationalise the mess so that it is the taxpayer's problem and they look so shocked and outraged when they discover months later what has been going on.

Gordon Brown and his bunch of muppets are some of the only people in the country who are in a position to sort out the mess, yet all they do is throw our money at the problem.

Roll on June 2010


Oldrightie said...

June 2010, election "postponed" under the CC Act of 2005. State of emergency declared, Brown made "temporary" President to be followed by EU Govenorship for The EU State of Little Britain. said...

NuLabour is the worm in our apple.

Not a sheep said...

Why are you looking forward to June 2010? AS Oldrightie points out, chances are that the CCA will be used to "postpone" the general election that you so look forward to. In fact some people believe that Gordon Brown's government are likely to be looking for an excuse to suspend democracy (utilising the Civil Contingency Act) and so put off the May local and June EU elections this year. A carefully engineered/encouraged riot and an accompanying terrorist atrocity really would help them here.

CROWN said...

Do you really think he will have the bottle to use the CCA ?

Interesting times!