Sunday, 10 May 2009

How the Tories can finish Labour off over expenses

The Telegraph are due to publish the expenses of the Tories in the next few days. I still think that delaying the publication is part of a greater plot.

Personally I don't care about claims for Kit Kats and home furnishings. I care about property flipping. Designating and re-designating different properties so you can claim more expenses is bang out of order.

I also care about second homes being designated when the MP's family is living there. Again it is a scam. I don't care if it within any rules it is fraud.

So when the Tories have their role call of shame, I expect and hope Cameron will come out and say that abuse of second home designation and property flipping is such an error of judgement, that he will discipline that MP. Either by removing the whip, a fine to pay back the funds or kicking out of the shadow cabinet.

Gordon Brown has now taken 2 days to do absolutely nothing to his abusers. The list is too long, but J Smith, McNulty and Blears spring to mind.

Cameron can at last put a line under his leadership ability and show what he could do as PM.

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