Tuesday, 22 September 2009

I'm in a dilemma

Up to now I have used this blog to discuss house prices and the absolute ar$e Gordon Brown has made of the economy.

Recently I have sold my business and I am now training to become a teacher and this is where my dilemma lies.

Can I continue to slag off the incompetence of this government, when I am going to be employed as one of GB's state workers? Can I continue to make attack videos? As I am now out of the loop on house prices, can I continue to talk knowledgeably about that market?

I know I cannot discuss my current training role and my experiences in schools, however funny they are.

Any help?


Jayce Kay said...

Nothing should seek to be beyond criticism.
Print and be damned I say!
Good luck with your training and indeed new career.

subrosa said...

Of course you can, you can do anything you want to. As for blogging about your new job, set up another anonymous one. I'm a great fan of To Miss With Love. She's an inner London teacher who says it how it is - and funny with it.

Congratulations btw on your change of career.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Well, you can carry on and I hope you do, but you'll have to make sure the kids can't identify you whatever you're writing about - or, mark my words, they will make your life hell! [Just thought I'd cheer you up.]

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the new career. Hope it goes well. I have exactly the same dilemma as I'm in FE - I get round it by posting anonymously as some of my personal opinions would not sit well with the officially promoted PC attitudes. However, since Gordon Brown is still a **** & a complete ****** why shouldn't I say so? When he changes, I'll change the tenor of my comments.