Wednesday, 9 July 2008

The Harriet Harperson bandwagon rolls

I guess it was to be expected - The Harriet Harperson bandwagon is rolling. The Sun reports her positioning here

Harriet Harman is privately sounding out MPs about her chances while Mr Brown is in Japan at the G8 summit.

Her allies believe the privately-educated MP can win back Middle England voters who have abandoned Labour. It'll take more than that.

They also claim she has greater public appeal than geeky Foreign Secretary David Miliband. Bitchy as well.

Ms Harman has long argued that Labour needs more women in top jobs. Looking to emulate Thatcher?

But her plotting will enrage the PM, who insisted yesterday he is still the “right man” to lead the party. He might be the right man to lead the party, but everyone knows he is not the right anything to lead the country.

Not that HH is either!

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Happy Harriet Harman said...

Oh do shut up. What do youknow about leading the country.. ..