Friday, 4 July 2008

MPs vote to keep expenses

BBC has this and you can see which ministers voted for continued 'snouts in the trough (SITT) here notably Andy Burnham, Caroline Flint, Tony McNulty, Jacqui Smith, Kitty Ussher, Tom Watson & Shaun Woodward (for his butler's house). Even Gordon Brown's parliamentary private secretaries Ian Austin and Angela Smith voted for SITT. Remember this was a free vote but Gordon was not in favour of keeping the current system.

Highlights for me are

1 - Gordon Brown showed what sort of leader he is by not turning up and voting.

2 - 30 Government ministers voted for SITT

3 - 172 MPs voted for SITT with 146 of them Labour MPs

4 - After the expenses vote announcement was read out, Mr Cameron was heard to exclaim: "Where's the government?"

What a sorry affair

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