Saturday, 2 August 2008

Sir Alan Sugar writes in the SUN today

Sir Alan Sugar writes an article in the SUN today here

I have a lot of respect for SAS but when he writes an article like this I realise he should stick to what he knows best like selling car aerials rather than getting involved in politics and sounding like a jumped up barrow boy.

SAS says

We all need to understand that Gordon Brown has not caused the things which are making us unhappy.

So he has not done the following has he? Taxed my pension fund with a stealth tax that he never announced, announced to the markets he was going to sell our gold reserves and then sold at a record low, doubled the tax on the lowest paid and refused to accept they would be worse off, increased the tax on older cars in the name of green taxes, taxed us and spent the taxes and did not put money aside for a rainy day, increased the national debt during an unprecedented economic boom, presided over the biggest housing boom ever which priced out millions of people, encouraged first time buyers to buy half a house at the top of the housing market bubble, presided over a housing crash that will dwarf the Tory crash, increased taxes on small business as the economy goes into a recession.

He says

It reminds me of my days as a football club chairman. Walk out of the ground after giving the opponents a good hiding and the fans would chant: “Alwight, Al . . . top man . . . keep up the good work, mate . . . how’s the family . . . well done, son.”

A week later when we got our arse kicked, the SAME group chanted: “Oi, you tosser, what you gonna do about the team then, eh ... get your f***ing chequebook out, you f***ing w*****.”

He does not get it - the spurs fans always thought he was a W*****, but were prepared to be polite to him when Spurs were winning.

The country has a natural dislike of Brown because he stabbed Blair in the back and became our PM without anyone voting for him. Not the electorate and not the Labour party.

If Brown had not spent so many years saying how he had built this wonderful economy, then maybe he would be forgiven for his economy diving down the toilet.

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