Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Financial Planner tells it straight on SKY

Financial Planner from housepricecrash appeared today on SKY news and as always tells it straight.

My only addition to the interview would be in answer to KB's question on if a stamp duty holiday would be a good idea when house prices had returned to normal.

I would have thought that when house prices are back to normal then there would be no need for false stimulus like a temporary stamp duty fix.


yellerKat said...

Great! Thanks, Crown!

theprimitive said...

Agree that abolshing stamp duty now is daft and pointless. Two questions - would it be daft to abolish it at the bottom of the market? And (hypothetically) if it didn't exist, is there any justification for inventing it? My personal view is that it is a bad tax, and i woud not have invented it from nothing.

the reaper said...

yep cheers crown.thanks