Wednesday, 10 December 2008

So what now for the year ahead?

Talk of a June 2009 General Election has filled me with some hope that Gordon Brown might at last put himself to the vote. And lose.

However on further reflection I would not be at all surprised if he does not manage to blag his way through an election campaign this early.

He is the master of deception, spin and lies. He still has the journalists' ear and can manage to blame this recession on global events and America.

It is only when the rest of the world emerges from whatever downturn is suffered and we are still mired in recession, that the truth will finally dawn on the public.

It is true that the Credit Crunch started in America, but it has only highlighted which countries have prepared the worst for a downturn during a boom.

Gordon is one of the most guilty for borrowing during the good times and leaving us with no room for manoeuvre during the bust.

So as Quarter 3 comes around and the economy has not recovered as Darling has pledged, questions will be asked.

A May 2010 election will see a Tory victory, the introduction of a cap on donations of £50,000 including Unions and the end of the Labour party.

Gotta go soon Gordon - real soon.

However it is said that our children and grand children will pay for Gordon's debt binge. Now this is the benefit of free movement within the EU, for I shall whisk the family off somewhere else and I will not be paying his debt legacy.

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