Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Brown squirms from blame again

Brown has just been interviewed on Sky News by Adam Bolton and when asked if selling gold at a record low was a mistake managed to blame the Tories!

The man is incredible.

When the economy was booming it was because of his policies not global conditions.
When the economy goes wrong and the housing market falls it is global conditions not his policies.

When he sells gold at a record low it's not his fault it's the Tories!!

If he just said - in hindsight it was the wrong time to sell, but we needed to diversify and there are a lot of things we would not do with hindsight, he would get a bit of respect.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

He's an unspeakable shit isn't he.
Thank God they'll be out at the next election.

Anonymous said...

so you sell ALL the gold to have a diverse portfolio..........how does that work then?

Anonymous said...

A prime example of "headuprectumitis" methinks?

Not a sheep said...

Anon 07:32: I cannot believe that I am saying this about Gordon Brown but - To be fair he only sold around half of the UK's gold. Mind you he did pre-announce the sale so depressing the price and bought Euros with most of the proceeds. An economic giant? I think not.

Anonymous said...

What a fuckhead!!!!!!!!!!

Sir Lance-a-Lot. said...

This man really is the pits but interviewers let him get away with it.

Bolton should by rights have been collapsed on the floor with uncontrolable laughter at Brown's gold sell-off joke of a reply.

But no - his boss Rupe still seems to be backing a loser.

Anonymous said...

<Life of Brian>
Nail some sense into him, I say!
</Life of Brian>

tapestry said...

the point about gold is that it has an elastic price. in times of political stability its price can fall to cost of production. in times of crisis it can rise ten times over.

it is the perfect strategic reserve.

In wartime suppliers will demand payment in gold, as paper can be pretty worthless.

selling off gold reserves is the equivalent of throwing away your sovereignty, which is exactly what Brown was signalling that he was willing to do.

he's now fulfilled the promise by ratifying Lisbon without the referendum.

russia is now rearming while europe's military capability and willingness to fight becomes a joke. America might well become less likely to defend Europe in future, with europeans becoming openly anti-american.

the scene is being set for a new european war - and one we will be fighting without our gold reserves. well done gordon brown, the destroyer of our sovereignty and our future survival.

Political Rover said...

the man is a grade one arse.

Minekiller said...

I just watched this interview and choked on my tea when he got to the gold sell off bit. What an absolute cretin, who does he think will believe this.

I think I know why authors such as Rowling, Horowitz, Pullman et al deserve their wealth and adulation, since they have to constantly come up with stories more entertaining than the ones made up by this looney assylum posing as a government.

Anonymous said...

No, he wouldn't deserve respect. Get real. NOTHING could do that.

John Trenchard said...

what a fucking plonker. and a cretin.

how the fuck did we end up with such a miserable piece of shit as leader of OUR FUCKING COUNTRY!

Thatsnews said...

Man in corner, picking nose and eating snot: "So you see, absolutely nothing is my fault. EVER. Can I make that clear, please?"

Patient: "Who is, 'e?"

Other patient: "'Es a nutter! 'e finks 'es the Prime Minister!"

Doctor: "On the contrary. He was the last prime minister before he signed the UK away to be a province of the Western Islands Sector of the European Empire. Just a couple of years before the war between the Empire under Blair I and Russia."

Anonymous said...

How can anyone be in charge of the country and its economy when his own party is on the verge of bankruptcy ?