Monday, 13 October 2008

Gordon Brown at his best will lead to his downfall

Gordon Brown is back to his best, striding confidently around the world stage his hand firmly on the steering wheel.

He is doing what he does best, taxing the country and spending the money. Although this time the money is being spent not on hospitals and schools but on banks.

Recapitalising the banks in this way has to work, it must work, the government will do all that is needed to make it work.

Let us assume that it does work. The Tories have jumped on board this train and can rightly claim to have supported Gordon Brown and his decisions to save the banking system.

Gordon will claim success, but so will the Tories. Experience was needed and we got that experience from both political sides. Unlike Northern Rock, Gordon will not be able to claim any political points.

So now that the banking crisis is solved and the dust settles we will see the true state of the UK economy compared to the rest of the world. Leaving America aside, we will compare badly.

We are the most indebted nation out there. I'm not talking about the government, however scary that is. The credit cards, personal loans and mortgage debt we have as a nation is huge. The taxpayer will not be able to spend the economy out of this mess.

All the time the global crisis is there, our true problems are hidden. Now that oil prices are back to year lows and assuming the banking crisis is resolved, Brown will not be able to hide amongst these global problems.

I have long thought that this whole Gordon Brown era was like the Emperor's new clothes. During the summer of 2008 the commentators started to realise he was naked, but have now had their heads turned again. It will not be long until we see the realisation again.

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