Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Yvette Cooper gets grilled by Andrew Neil on UK debt

I think this must be Yvette Cooper's worst interview yet. AN corners her on household debt and she has no escape other than to trot out her usual well worn phrases.

Now I know she is not going to answer the question and of course she doesn't, but I think the problem is that the government believe their own spin that debt is not a problem.

If the government do not realise that household debt is a problem, then there is no hope for them to be able to steer us out of this recession.

Watch it here


John said...

What a cunt she is.
Surely Labour HQ can't believe that that sort of a performance would win them any support from the people watching?!

Anonymous said...

What a truly awful woman.

What kind of idiot voted for that snake to be their MP?

John said...

Annoyingly you don't get to see what these people are truly like until they are in power. If anyone ever votes for her again though after seeing her performance in these TV interviews then they should be sectioned!

It is infuriating to watch, but the knowledge she'll be out of a job come the next general election keeps me from throwing my computer out the window.

Nationalist said...

Nice clip. In her shoes I'd have just cracked and said: yes Andrew we're all fooked; just to shut him up.

Anonymous said...


What a bloody shambles.

I just want to smash her in the face

Colloboss said...

How many sheeple bought it, they always buy that's why even the intellegent are up the creek because the sheep want to believe it, just look at poles from week to week, up and down, he say's this, he say's that, SHEEP, SHEEP SHEEEEEEP!

Anonymous said...

Thought she held up pretty well under fire. We all know the truth, having Govt ministers saying things like "we are all doomed" won't help. Certainly stupidity and greed of normal folk have not helped, bankers are....well you know the rhyme, estate agents are truly the lowest form of life and have somehow eked an industry out of nothing - we don't need them folks, get some cahunas. She seemed pretty calm to me and frankly I'd rather have someone strong willed who we all know privately won't believe a word of what she has to say, than a weak idiot that cannot string a sentence together.

All politicians need to be crticised to keep them as honest as it is possible for crooks to be honest. But I admired that performance.

Anonymous said...

I'd butter her muffin... NOT !!!

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for the sheep that
just believe all this crap..

The UK economy is facing a reset thats going to hurt a lot of pockets !!!!

Yvette Cooper said...

Gee thanks! Glad to hear I'm so popular! Love from Reichsminister Ernst Balls, by the way! Ciao!

Anonymous said...

hard to contemplate the concept of debt when you get your mortgage(s) paid by the taxpayer