Friday, 28 November 2008

Gordon Brown's Downfall - The prequel

Been working on this a while, but it all came together this week especially the ending. Hope you enjoy - no cursing this time.

For those that missed the first Gordon Brown's Downfall video it is here. Cursing alert.


Mark Wadsworth said...

"You're sacked - again" brilliant.

But it's "Osborne" without a 'U', I'm afraid.

Glen said...

Excellent, thanks for giving me something to laugh at, whilst stuck in this godforsaken country!

Anonymous said...


CROWN said...

you won't believe how many times I watched it through to check on spellings, placements and removing my cursing.

I always spell Osbourne wrong - I should know by now.

Anonymous said...

I preferred it with all the cursing! I think what you wrote is probably quite mild in comparison with what Brown actually says!! Keep up the good work. Pete

bogbrush said...

"Yvette" repeating the matra of blaming the Yanks was the highlight for me.
The second sequence is great, but the first sums up the economic "strategy" we have now.

Wonderful stuff.

bogbrush said...

Or "mantra" even!

I'd like to see one where he deploys tens of billions of pounds that no longer exist onto new offensives while Herman Darling looks on uncomfortably.

Or was that on the telly the other week anyway?

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