Thursday, 20 November 2008

So is Gordon doing a good job?

OK - if you read this blog you will know that I am not the biggest GB fan. In fact I think history will judge him as one of the most destructive political figures ever.

However, from a neutral position I think he is handling this crisis well. Let me explain. The sub prime crisis did indeed start in America and the resulting credit crunch is being felt around the world.

Gordon Brown has expertly turned this to his advantage. The Yanks have blamed the crisis on Wall Street and now Gordon is blaming our banks and the Americans for our problems. It is correct that some of our problems are the fault of the Americans but by no means all.

Is it the American's fault that we have the largest amount of personal debt in the world? Now Gordon is able to blame all our woes on this single US caused problem.

Gordon is so slippery that he is now able to switch positions and say that the Tories prudence is a disaster and his unfunded tax cuts are brilliant.

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