Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Gordon Brown saves the world at PMQs

Tripping over his words the hapless Gordon gives us this classic


blooKat said...

Wow, that was quick!

Alan Douglas said...

If Brown is saving the world, I'm leaving it.

Alan Douglas

Dungeekin said...

Crash! A-ah!
Saviour of the Universe
Crash! A-ah!
He's screwed everyone of us
Crash! A-ah!
He's a miracle
Crash! A-ah!
King of the Economy!

Gordon's Alive!

I'm waiting for the proper remix version...


Lord Elvis of Paisley said...

You're the man!

Aluntube said...

Crash Gordon video

Anonymous said...

What a deluded twit he is.

bogbrush said...

The humourless clot. Blair would have ridden that one easily and have had them laughing with him. This poor dolt tries to shout it down.

Anyway, at least they were the first sincerely meant words to come out of his mouth for months.

MikeDX said...

saved the worlds banking system and let the 100 year old woolworth go to the dogs.

well done crash!

Anonymous said...

The question has to be asked about Gordo McBalloon and the Liarbore Party (ZaNu-Lab) or 'Die Partie Der Neues Arbeits'.

Are they - Certifiable Cluster-F**ks....?

Fred Tiddlyplop of the township of St Wenn and Port Gaverne, in the County of Kernow. Now Part of the Eurine-zone.