Saturday, 31 January 2009

0% mortgage rate 0% savings rate Gordon Brown bliss

The Times are reporting that if rates are cut next month, then some mortgage holders will be paying 0.01% interest on their mortgages.

I am sure Gordon Brown is pleased now - debters pay no interest and savers receive no interest. Perfectly summing up his chancellorship. ar$e about face.

His debt fuelled economic vision is in tatters. With some hope and pride we can pull ourselves from this mess, but not with Gordon Brown in charge. He got us into this mess and he will not get us out.

If the man cannot admit any of his mistakes or even that the boom has bust, how can he be the man to lead us out of the mess.


Mark Wadsworth said...

Problem is that none of the other politicians have got a clue what to do either, Tory policies are either indistinguishable from Labour's, or non-existent.

If the Tories had a sensible 'do nothing' policy, that would be great, but they don't. They waffle on about cutting interest rates and guaranteeing loans and paying employers to take on staff etc.

And none of them talk about debt-for-equity swaps.

CROWN said...

MW - you speak a lot of sense - shame our 'leaders' do not

subrosa said...

What about the libdems getting a chance? Wrong idea maybe? Aye maybe not one of my better ones.

CROWN said...

hell - anything is better than Brown