Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Jim Rogers - investment Guru says sell Sterling

Actually not just sell Sterling but short Sterling as well. He says the City of London is where the economic problems started and is a disaster.

Bloomberg headlines the clip with 'Rogers says UK is finished' and he is probably right.

Watch the clip here

Gordon Brown says that our economy is best placed to weather this storm.

Now who has their money at stake here and who has the taxpayer's money at stake. Who to trust, who not to trust.


Mark Wadsworth said...

If he's so clever, why wasn't he saying this two years ago?

Roger Thornhill said...

Rogers was talking about getting out of USD Nov 2007 and warning about sub-prime risk to the economy in March 2007.


Early enough for you?

He wants the Fed abolished. He should be listened to more often.

Tory Farm Boy said...

luckily i have some swiss frans in the kitchen draw, and i'll have the last laugh when my francs are worth somthing!