Thursday, 2 April 2009

Nationwide March housing data - reporting a rise!!

Nationwide have released their March data report today here.

The data shows a rise of 0.9% for the month with an annual change of -15.7%. House prices are now down from their peak in October 2007 of £186,044 by £35,098 or -18.9%.

Nationwide report this as a surprise bounce and expect a continuation of monthly rises and falls.

Nationwide are not particularly competitive at the moment and require a 15% deposit for any mortgage deals, with the very best deals at 60% Loan to value.

I do wonder if this is reducing the mortgage applications from the properties with the greatest falls for the data sample.


Oldrightie said...

Data manipulation is an art form under Labour.

subrosa said...

Oh they'll be fine now though, as Gordon's given them the gift of the Dunfermline plus so many guarantees and £ms to keep them happy.

Keep it in the family that's what I say, after all Gordon may need a job when he's dumped.