Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Those lazy ar$e MPs

Well some of them anyway. My attention has been drawn to the sessional returns document for the attendance of committees at the House of Commons.

I was interested to see that for discussions on the Finance Bill in General Committee meetings on page 66, Vince Cable did not turn up to any of the 24 meetings, Charlotte Atkins turned up to 4 out of 24 and Dr John Pugh 3 out of 24. The rest managed over 50% attendance, some only just though.

On the Treasury select committee on page 281 Siôn Simon only turned up to 11 out of 44 meetings, Colin Breed 19 out of 44 and George Mudie only 21 out of 44.

On the Treasury sub-committee on page 289 Simon managed 1 out of 14, Breed 4 out of 14, Mudie 3 out of 14 and Sally Keeble 7 out of 14.

I'm sure they will all say that it is entirely within the rules not to bother to turn up but what is that muppet Sion Simon doing for his huge pay and expenses?

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Fidothedog said...

The Brew Wales blog did a bit on the debate on the pub trade, just 5 mp's there!