Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Jacqui Smith for PM?

Well maybe next Labour leader.

After last night's PLP meeting that Gordon was too scared to attend, JS is sent along to plead the case for 42 days. By all accounts she did very well.

Now I have no party allegiance, although at the moment I am leaning towards the Tories. I am leaning partly because of Cameron's personal appeal but also the appeal of the direction and tone of the party.

I am leaning away from Labour mainly because Brown is such an inept fool and seems to have a team of incompetents around him. However I like Jacqui, she seems to be able to communicate, which is the key attribute for a leader followed by charisma and likeability. Brown has none of these.

I can see Jacqui appealing to a large number of these middle ground voters like myself, if only Labour could come up with some policies that a) work b) don't involve taxing us more.

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