Friday, 27 June 2008

Labour's Henley wipeout

Now I know Labour were not expected to win Henley, but coming 5th behind the green party and the BNP has to be a real low.

I see Labour are trying to spin that they did worse in the Winchester by-election in 1997 so because Henley was not as bad, it's OK. That is of course ignoring the fact that in Winchester there was a huge tactical vote to get the Tories out.

The result last night is as follows

John Howell – Conservatives 19,796 56.95% +3.46%

Stephen Kearney - Liberal Democrats 9,680 27.85% +1.84%

Mark Stevenson – Greens 1,321 3.80% + 0.54%

Timothy Rait - British National Party 1,243 +3.58%

Richard McKenzie – Labour 1,066 3.07% -11.68%

Chris Adams - UK Independence Party 843 2.43% -0.07%


Anonymous said...

The BBC Radio 5 Live 0400 news gave the result of the Henley by-election, then broadcast part of the Liberal candidate's post-result speech referring to the meltdown of Labour support and the fact that the Conservatives had no policies at all. There was no reference at all to the Conservative winner's speech.

CROWN said...

The usual scandalous reporting from the BBC