Sunday, 4 May 2008

Boris for London

So with the Election of Boris as London Mayor, why do I think this is good news.

Since Boris announced that he was running for mayor, we have had New Labour and their lackeys start the nasty comments. They have used phrases like upper class twit and Tory toff as a means to insult and convey to the electorate a person that, because of their upbringing and education, are not fit to lead a political organisation.

The same is true of the nasty comments about Cameron, implying that because he has had a privileged upbringing, he is unfit to lead.

Comments about Eton and the Bullingdon club just fuel the New Labour spin of hatred.

Well now we have an Old Etonian and ex Bullingdon club member running London and at last we can now see what will happen. It is like a test for the country to see what could happen when bottler Brown has the guts to go to the country.

We will either see a total shambles as New Labour have predicted or we will see the charismatic delegation abilities that I believe is so necessary in a leader and he will be a great success for London and the Tories.

Boris becoming the mayor of London will reveal the nasty New Labour spin machine for the deceitful bunch they are.

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