Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Polly shoots and misses

Good old Polly Toynbee has an article today about the state of the Labour party


In the article she writes this

Yet there at Eagle Bridge stands a magnificent huge new health centre just opened, with 18 GPs and myriad specialist clinics. When people ask where has the tax money gone, here's the answer: more and better staff in buildings so fine that 10 years ago you'd have sworn they must be private, not state.

Now I'm no expert on the financing of these contracts however a quick google reveals


The Honourable Gwyneth Dunwoody MP cut the ribbon and officially welcomed the new £10million health development by Assura Property.
ssura forward funded the purchase of the site on Dunwoody Way in 2006 and the subsequent development


Now does this not mean that the tax payer money has actually not funded this project? and that it is actually privately financed?

Which begs the question - where has all the tax gone?

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