Friday, 23 May 2008

Crewe by-election result

Obviously a massive win for the Tories, the big news of course is how voters turned to the Tories rather than the Lib Dems or the smaller parties.

There were some rather amusing lines from the politicians last night. Of my favourite three, two were from the Lib Dems and one was from Dunwoody jnr.

Firstly Lynne Featherstone claimed that they came third because the campaign was only 2 weeks long. If the campaign had been longer then they would have come second and maybe won! How she draws this conclusion when the Lib Dem vote fell by 4% from the General Election I do not know.

Secondly Elizabeth Shenton claimed that their vote had held up. Again I'm not sure how she figures this one as the Lib Dem vote was 6040 compared to 8083 at the General election. A drop of 25%

Thirdly Dunwoody jnr claimed that the Labour vote held up and she lost because the Tories got their vote out. Again the Labour vote was 12679 compared to 21240 at the general election a drop of 40%.

I love election nights - cutting through the garbage that is spoken.

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