Monday, 5 May 2008

Harriet Harperson to the rescue

Panic over - New Labour have wheeled out their big guns and pushed my favourite live bait into the limelight.

Enter Harriet 'it's not as bad as under the Tories' Harperson. She generally answers a question by answering a different question and blaming the Tories i.e. 'House prices are falling what are you going to do about it? HH - We are listening and learning and house prices are not falling as much as under the Tories'

Here she excels herself on a tax question by saying that people are not paying as much tax now as they were under the last Labour administration.

Pure genius


Anonymous said...

The cynical way in which these 'politicians' use language to block communication, whilst appearing to engage in 'conversational exchange', thus purporting to demonstrate that THEY care deeply and will act honourably, motivated by their CARE and CONCERN for OUR WELBEING and SAFETY, in their actions on issues as far apart as The Illegal Afghan and Iraq Wars at one end, and the Kafkaesque Entertainments Licensing Laws under which we, the people are being restricted to 'legalised entertainment', at the other end, demonstrates the ugly reality that these people, certainly at the executive level, are merely business psy-ops sales people.

They are selling the 'IDEA' of democracy, knowingly as a disguise for exactly the opposite

They use the 'voting' charade as a way of 'STAYING' in 'POWER', viagra politics I calls it.

A bunch of pricks, using OUR money, to make even bigger pricks of themselves, with the very strong possiblity that they might also destroy the very basis for life on this particular rock that circles the sun... quite soon.


some bloke said...

Blairs Old Bags have nothing left to say.

Hang on in there Gordon, you're making it worse every day.