Sunday, 22 February 2009

Did Timms storm off?

SKY News this morning had treasury minister Timms for an interview. After the first question he was interrupted to go over to a live press statement from Max Clifford on Jade's wedding. At the end of the statement Timms had gone.

Did he storm off? I would have done.


Oldrightie said...

Probably wanted an excuse to avoid the glare of failure!

subrosa said...

Have to admit I didn't see TV this morning, but any self-respecting person would have walked away.

I'm saddened because a young life is being taken so soon but I'm also angry the silly woman didn't take notice of her serious warning letter and decided to go into the Big Brother setup 'because I needed the money'.

It's my hope that this is a lesson to the younger generation - money doesn't buy everything.

WV: subact (Aye that's me but I'm trying to get up there with the big boys!)