Saturday, 21 February 2009

The unstopable rise of the BNP?

With the economy facing the worst downturn for a century (hat tip to Ed Balls) the disgruntled voters are looking for a party to vote for to show their anger at the government.

In England some choose the Tories, some the LibDems and some the Greens.

If the Tories were in power the traditional Labour voters, recently laid off from their jobs would be marching to London with their Trade Union at the head of the march alongside their Labour politicians. In the 80s the left leaning voters turned to those left wing MPs like Jack Straw, Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling to lead their marches.

But now those Labour politicans are the ones in power and who have lead us into this mess. It is their rules and their regulations that have proved not fit for purpose. But the politicians claim that it is not their fault even though jobs are going abroad, preachers of hate claim compensation from the courts and live here on benefits paid for by our taxes.

So who do these voters turn to? The most prominent left of centre party is the BNP, although they are a party of division and hatred, their policies hit the right note with many left leaning voters.

I fear the BNP are unstopable with a Labour government and a deep recession. How else do you explain these reults.

Swanley St Mary's, Sevenoaks district: BNP 41% (up 41), Labour 34% (down 21), Conservative 25% (no change). UKIP did not stand, having previously secured 20%. BNP gain from Lab

Thringstone, North West Leicestershire district: Labour 36% (-7), Conservative 31% (-1), BNP 28% (+28), Liberal Democrat 5% (-20). Labour hold


The Economic Voice said...

Worry ye not. The full weight of investigative journalism with the help of other agencies will ensure that enough dirt is unearthed about BNP members to consign this to the flash in the pan category.

Oldrightie said...

Better the BNP than bloody Labour

Anonymous said...

The Economic Voice said...

Don't think you've guaged the public mood.

Anger, fear and, in due course, the need for retribution are the order of the day. Anything that is now 'leaked' by the on-side media is likely to be ignored as more lies.

No none believes anything they are told any more. We are facing dangerous times. And that often leads to politics on the edge.

CROWN said...

good points

LibertyMine said...

Very interesting numbers from those two elections.

It might not be flash in the pan locally, but nationally the big-three would always conspire to ensure no fourth party could muscle in. Tactical voting would be replaced by tactical candidates. Labour withdrawing from Conservative areas and vice versa. I still don't think it is a big enough issue for the big three parties now, but they continue along this path and the BNP continue to modernise things could change.