Tuesday, 17 February 2009

The truth is out there

Can anyone help me out. I am coming across more and more cases of claims that the Tories are going to do such and such or have done whatever, but I can find no evidence.

Here are 2 examples - can you help me out

Luke Akehurst (Labour blogger) and Rosie Winterton (some Labour minister) say that Cameron said Northern Rock should have been allowed to collapse.

I can find no record of this. This is the nearest quote I can find from Cameron

"I don't support nationalisation [of Northern Rock]," Cameron told the Today programme. "I don't think it would be right for the government to spend even more taxpayers' money nationalising a bank and suddenly becoming responsible for £100 billion of mortgage lending.

"What we want is a private sale, but I suspect the government is running out of time and money and it may well be that it needs to go down the path of nationalisation. If it does it will be a monumental failure."

The second example is from Draper's bizarre blog Labourlist

There is a truly dreadful video of pork pies telling Labour lies as far as I can tell. In the video the pork pies say that the Tories will cut the number of police, nurses and teachers.

I cannot find any information on these Tory cuts either.

Can anyone help me on these 2 stories.



Oldrightie said...

I can help, buddy. Labour are a bunch of mendaciouss, lying shits. Take every word they say and reverse the meaning. For example Labour are fantastic and have presided over the most successful 11 years in this Country's history.

Lord Elvis of Paisley said...

Errrr...ummmmm... Listen, you know how it is: Tories cuts = bad. Labour cuts = readjustment. Same old, same old. They're playing this game down our way at the minute after the announcement of the Council tax rise (my council is Conservative controlled). I just want to go up and slap the Labour beeatches and say, "well come on then, you're so clever, what would you do? Explain your plan." But they never can.

CROWN said...

thanks for your help. I think I am seeing the picture now!