Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Ed Balls threatens good schools

Ed has a new plan. He wants good schools to be able to take over poorly performing schools, rebrand them, share leadership and improve.

Nothing wrong there in my opinion, we need to improve what we can within a reducing budget.

But here is the New Labour bit.

Mr Balls added that there would be consequences for schools that opted to “go it alone” when it came to their Ofsted inspections. “If you are a school that has got the potential to do this but chooses not to, you’re not making a contribution to other schools in your area. Therefore Ofsted will recognise you aren’t being as ambitious as you could be.”

Ed Balls is learning well from Gordon Brown - his master. Wave the big stick and scare good schools into following your policy.

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subrosa said...

This type of behaviour will continue until we rid ourselves of these madmen.