Monday, 8 June 2009

Gordon Brown now requiring 'pledge of loyalty'

Can Brown get any more like dictatorial? SKY are reporting that Gordon Brown is now requiring ministers to pledge their loyalty.

Minister for farming and the environment Jane Kennedy told Sky News she had had a "full and frank" conversation with the Prime Minister this morning when he had asked her personally to pledge her loyalty to him.

When she said she was unable to, he asked her to leave.

"In the end, I could have stayed, if I had made that pledge of loyalty," she said.

Sounds like the Hitler Oath?

At least Hitler got elected.



Oldrightie said...

I had a raging comment about what is Nazism to do with Brown!

Kalvis Jansons said...

Surely it is now time to tell Mr Brown to resign, if you have not already done so:

Tell him what we really think!

Mark Wadsworth said...

My first thought was the Hitler oath, I must say. This is absolutely insane.