Saturday, 27 June 2009

How they line up on the spending/cuts debate

I have been trying to keep a tally on who is on the side of truth and who is on Brown's side.

The side of truth - there will be real term cuts in spending

The Tory party
The Lib Dems
Mervyn King
All other economists
Most journalists
Lord Desai
A Darling
Y Cooper
H Benn - new addition from the Dark side

The Dark side - peddling the lies about investment(spending our money) vs cuts

Kevin Maguire
Gordon Brown
Ed Balls
John Denham
Liam Byrne


Anonymous said...

P Toynbee?

Barking Spider said...

The usual suspects!

Anonymous said...

Benn was slapped down by No10 and you are being far too kind to 'Cooper'.