Thursday, 25 June 2009

House prices - how to get the real story

An informative article in thisismoney had attracted my attention this morning. The article analyses the different house price indices and supports my views that the Halifax and Nationwide are good indices for a general idea of what is happening month by month based on mortgage approval house prices.

The Land Registry and FTHPI indices are good for analysing the data 3 months in arrears.

The Nationwide survey is the next due and is likely to be out either tomorrow or Friday. Will it continue with the trend of increasing house prices or are we due a correction back to the consensus of continued falls.

My Time to Buy index will be out later next week after the Halifax data has been released.

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Elli Davis said...

interesting article. I believe the key indicator is the price change announced by the biggest authority, because it influences the market psychology. Here in Toronto it;s definitely TREB report...