Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Union turns screw on Gordon Brown

The BBC is reporting that Unison will no longer give financial support to Labour MPs who do not support its values.

General Secretary Dave Prentis told union members it would not give any more "blank cheques" to the party.

He said Labour MPs and candidates at the next election who backed further privatisation of public services would have funding withdrawn.

Gordon Brown - "Can we have some money Mr Big"
Prentice "Shut up bitch, I'm the Daddy now. From now on you are my missus."
GB "Sigh. Where shall I sign and shall I bend?"

Imagine the uproar if a financial institution withheld funding to the Tories or Lib Dems unless they voted against tightening bank regulation or a building firm withheld funding if they voted to protect green field sites.

The sooner we can rid ourselves of this corrupt party of the Unions the better.

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