Monday, 13 July 2009

Diary of a fat b'stard - Week 3

Stats at the beginning of week 3

Weight16st 13lb
belly 119cm

Week 3 highlights

Press ups - 20 up from 10 last week
Pull ups - 3 up from 2 last week
distance run before stopping - 1.5 km up from 100 yards last week (using the talk test here - if I cannot hold a conversation my pulse is too high for fat burning)
number of times stopped in 3 km - 1 down from 10 last week
time for 3km - 25 minutes down from 30 minutes last week
km cycled on bike - 0
weight bench used - 0
sit up thing - 0

Week 3 Lowlights
I have been drinking and eating crap almost every night. I don't know what happened to lose weight. Must try harder or even at all this week.

I'm gasping for a drink tonight, but will do a run later.

Stats at the end of week 3

Weight16st 10lb
belly 118cm

I'm on week 4 now, which ends on monday20th July

1 comment:

subrosa said...

You're not very explicit with weight loss CB. Why don't you just put each week :
Loss: x
Gain :x
which ever is applicable.

That's what women do :)