Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Treasury accounts embarrassment

Today I visit my accountant to finalise my ltd company accounts. My company's tax year ends on the 30th June and I have 9 months to finalise my accounts and submit them to companies house.

However because I am an IFA and regulated my the god-awful FSA, they give me just 30 days to finalise my accounts. This results in a huge rush this time of year. I cannot visit the accountant until I have had every statement relating to payments due before 30th June.

So it is even more annoying for me to read that the Treasury have not had their accounts signed off. I doubt Darling will be getting a personal fine as I would. Once again I look forward to being able to hold the Conservative's to account as this Governmenr has now become such a joke, that I no longer find it funny.

Anyway this is the last year for me to worry about the FSA, as I said in a previous post I have had enough of being a small business under New Labour and their FSA incompetents. I have sold the business and I will be persuing other interests.

I will still be a house price obsessive though.

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