Sunday, 19 July 2009

Labour Non-dom donors to stop donations

Isn't it amazing that when Labour try to manipulate something to their political advantage, it turns round and bites them.

The latest example is the anti-Ashcroft law that Jack Straw is introducing. This law bans non-doms from donating to a political party. However at least 3 Labour non-dom donors have stated that they will not become domiciled and therefore will not be able to continue donating.

A Labour-supporting billionaire who pledged to bankroll Gordon Brown's upcoming general election campaign has told the Observer that he will stop funding the party rather than give up his non-domicile status.

Lord Swraj Paul of Marylebone, who has funded Labour for more than 20 years, said he will no longer donate because of a government-backed bill that forbids from people who do not pay tax on all income from abroad.

Doomed, doomed I tell you

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Mark Wadsworth said...

Tee hee, good find.