Sunday, 19 July 2009

Labour sink towards being the third party in new poll

The independent has a new poll today with voting intentions

Tory 39%
Labour 23%
Lib Dems 22%

Labour are sinking fast and I would be interested in a geographic breakdown of this poll. I would expect that in England Labour are now firmly in third place.

Labour's vote is starting to become localised in small areas of industrial Northern England. Vast areas of southern England and the midlands has no Labour presence at all.

Labour's power base is disappearing fast.

If Alex Salmond can continue with his popular Scottish politics, then Labour could lose a whole lot of seats there and at last become an irrelevance to UK politics.

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Tom Paine said...

..or better still Mr Salmond can achieve his political ambition and take the whole pack of thieving Labour rascals back to beggar Scotland as they have beggared England. The English Labour Party would, were it not for Prescott's bulk and Harman's ego, fit in a phone box.