Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Diary of a fat b'stard - Week 4

Stats at the beginning of week 4

Weight16st 10lb
belly 118cm

Week 4 highlights

Press ups - 20
Pull ups - 4 up from 1 last week
distance run before stopping - 1.5 km (using the talk test here - if I cannot hold a conversation my pulse is too high for fat burning)
number of times stopped in 3 km - 1
time for 3km - 25 minutes
minutes cycled on bike - 20 (first time in months)
weight bench used - 0
sit up thing - 0

Week 4 Lowlights
None - but I have been slightly ill over the weekend and so have been sober since Wednesday, which is a bummer. I expect most of the weight loss to be illness related water loss.

Stats at the end of week 4

Weight16st 6lb down 4lb
belly 115cm down 3cm

I'm on week 5 now, which ends on monday27th July. Pie and chips tonight - so bollox to the weight loss. I'm on holiday next week with the family at my parents. Expect a large weight loss at the end of week 6 as my mum thinks I am overweight and refuses to feed me.

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