Monday, 20 July 2009

Solution to IE8 tabbed browsing connection problems

In case anyone else has made the mistake of upgrading to Internet Explorer 8 and is suffering from having the tabs randomly not connecting, I have the solution at last.

It is a conflict with AVG Anti-Virus and the Link Scanner option. I have now disabled link scanner and I have no further connection problems.

Having said that, I have now moved all my bookmarks over to Firefox and I have abandoned Internet Explorer 8 apart from a couple of websites that require IE8.

It is a shame that neither Microsoft or AVG could figure this out or even acknowledge the problem.


Barking Spider said...

Same for me - I mostly use Firefox these days. I had a lot of problems with IE8, especially when I tried to connect with other bloggers, which I found a bit suspicious. I only use IE8 when I have to use it and I also find that websites actually look better wih Firefox.

Scot Richards said...

I was a couple of months ahead of you guys. But now I've given up on Firefox since it doesn't integrate well with too many java and java-script based websites. It also doesn't work at all with Microsoft's awesome Live Meeting.

I even tried Google Chrome (rubbish) and Apple's Safari (Great if you want to let your cat use your computer). The wrinkles in IE8 have now been mostly ironed out and as much as it pains me to say it's now just simply a better browser.

snakebyte said...

Thanks for the tip! It's finally solved!